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Pilgrimage place Christkindl

Christkindl is a world-famous place of pilgrimage and natural paradise and belongs to Steyr.

The equally internationally known Christmas Post Office Christkindl opens its doors every year in the Advent season and is housed in the Christkindlwirt Hotel & Restaurant.

The roots of the beautiful pilgrimage place Christkindl go back to the year 1695. At that time, a certain Ferdinand Sertl suffered from severe epilepsy. Because he did not give up the hope of a cure, he got a wax-shaped Christkindl from the ´Cölestinerinnen´ of Steyr. He placed this figure in a hollow of a spruce tree in the forest "unter Himmel", as the area was called back then.

Every day he went to the spruce tree to worship the little baby Jesus. As a reward for his trust, he was cured of his illness. As this miracle spread, more and more people made pilgrimages to the Christkindl to worship this figure.

Between 1702 and 1725, the current baroque church was built, with the engagement of Abbot Anselm Angerer from Garsten and the two architects Giovanni Battista Carlone and Jakob Prandtauer.

In the pompously established high altar you can still find both the wax figure and the original tree trunk. Many tourists and pilgrims marvel at the pilgrimage church of Christkindl every year and let themselves be enchanted by the wonderful story of the little Christkindl.

Steyr-Christkindl - Geläute der Wallfahrtskirche zum Göttlichen Christuskind