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The world-famous Christmas post office Christkindl

The 67th season starts on 25 November 2016 and lasts until 6 January 2017.
The world-famous Christmas Post Office Christkindl is located in the Post room of Christkindlwirt.

Opening hours and more information



For the first time in 1950, the Austrian Post Office set up a special post office in the vicarage, at that time with only one person employed on an hourly basis and around 42,000 stamped consignments.

In the first year of operation, only domestic shipments were processed, they received a special postmark, that today has scarcity value.

Already in 1951 it moved to the Gasthof ´zur schönen Aussicht´ on the ledge, near the pilgrimage church (today: Christkindlwirt). Since then, the special post office has also processed foreign shipments. Since 1965, there is, in addition to the Christmas stamp, a three Magi stamp, which is used from 26th December till the 6th of January.

With the so-called ´Leitzettel´ you can deliver letters for Christkindl stamping in any Austrian post office. The Christkindl letters to children are only provided with a machine stamp..

Last year, 2 million letters left the Christmas Post Office at the Hotel & Restaurant Christkindlwirt.

An ideal Christmas gift idea is offered by the first day- and jewelry envelopes, special greetings cards and gifts, maximum cards, balloon-mail-letters as well as building blocks for the Christkindl church.

Send your mail via the Christkindl Christmas Post Office!

Domestic letters:

for the manual stamps: Provide each shipment with a stamp and the golden label "Über Christkindl" (available for € 0.55 at post offices in Austria).

for the machine stamp: Send your non-franked Christmas postage, collected in a franked envelope or package directly to the post office 4411 Christkindl.

foreign letters:

Send your non-franked Christmas mail collected in a franked envelope to the post office A-4411 Christkindl. Please enclose an international reply form per letter / card in the envelope (available in every post office).


Children's letters to the Christkind

Letters, which children send from all over the world to the Christkind, arrive to the Christmas post office Christkindl and are answered standardized. In order to make it easier for the Christ child to respond, we ask the children in Austria to enclose their envelope with a franked / addressed envelope or the children from abroad to enclose an international reply slip


Postamt Christkindl

Christkindlweg 6

A-4411 Christkindl